Dr. Matthew During is internationally recognized in the field of translational neuroscience. He led the team that was the first to introduce genes directly into the brain of a human child (Canavan disease). Dr. During was also the first to deliver genes to treat an adult neurological disorder (Parkinson’s disease). His pioneering work in gene therapy has been widely reported in the international press, including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Time magazine, the BBC, ABC, NBC, and CBS’s 60 Minutes, and he has also been profiled in several books, including “His Brother’s Keeper: A Story from the Edge of Medicine” by Pulitzer Prize-winning author Jonathan Weiner and “The Forever Fix: Gene Therapy and The Boy who Saved It” by Ricki Lewis. In his native New Zealand, Dr. Matthew During was voted as one of the country’s top 100 “History Makers”.

Dr. During has published over 200 scientific articles, including many in the world’s most prestigious journals. He has made a number of important discoveries during his career. In 2000, he published in Science on the development and characterization of a vaccine for stroke and epilepsy. He also developed the first clinical protocol for gene therapy of epilepsy. In 2009, Dr. During pioneered a genetic treatment for obesity, and in the years since, has led research on the endocrine system and a mechanism through which the brain can influence cancers elsewhere in the body.

Dr. Matthew During prepared for his career in research and medicine with a B.Sc. and M.D. from the University of Auckland. He subsequently won a scholarship to study at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and completed his clinical training at Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School. Dr. During then worked as a clinical fellow in neurosurgery at the Yale University School of Medicine before becoming a member of the neurosurgical and neuroendocrine faculty at Yale.

Dr. During’s research at MIT, Harvard, and Yale led to his earning a Doctor of Science in 2003. Additional awards and honors include Young Investigator of the Year from the American Epilepsy Society, a Johnson & Johnson Focused Giving Award, and a Roche Neuroscience Award. Dr. During is a Fellow of both the Royal Australasian and American Colleges of Physicians and a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science in recognition of his contributions to translational neuroscience.

Dr. Matthew During is an author on 38 patents and co-founded several biotechnology companies, including Neurel, Inc., Merlin Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Neurologix, Inc., Obgenex, Inc., Gene Technology Solutions, Inc. and Phoenix Neurosciences, Inc.


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